A blog about nothing at all…

21 Jul

Welcome to my blog about nothing.  Before I retired, a lot of kids at my school told me often I should have a newspaper column because I had what they (very respectfully and endearingly) called ‘rants.’.

I don’t really think of myself as one who “rants”  —  rather, I have opinions. Granted, they are strong and often loud opinions, but not rants.

I think the reason for the idea of my ranting is that I find a lot of things incredibly dumb, and I have a high sense of moral outrage. I know how that sounds. Nose in the air, better than you, blah blah….but no. People really ARE stupid! And everyone should have a high sense of moral outrage.

Here is an example. Just the other day, there was breaking news on our local t.v. station.  A mother of two babies put them in the car on a 97 degree day, went back into the house and fell asleep. With the heat index reaching 115 degrees, and being closed inside the car, the babies died of heat related causes. The babies were 2 and 4. The mother had a history of  drug abuse.That should spark moral outrage in everyone.

Especially, when the newsreported that the babies lived in a house unfit for humans, full of  trash, filth, and that was condemned.  Add to that, they had a grandmother, aunts, cousins and other family that live in the area. What in the hell were tpeople people doing while the babies were living like this?

I don’t believe that kind of moral outrage is wrong. It is wrong for us, as a People, to not act  when we see human suffering, a child in need or a neighbor who needs help. In our haste to be First at Everything, Not Late, Not Tired and Minding Our Own Business, we have become a People that doesn’t notice our neighbors? Get involved? Speak up?

I grew up with neighbors who would drop by when they had extra vegetables from their farm, and we’d swap with whatever extras we had. If one of them were sick, we would plow a field, help with other chores, or cook a meal for them.  But for sure, two babies would never have lived in a condemned house with a drug addicted mother, with filth and garbage everywhere. We would have found a way to help.

Everyone should just take a look around themselves and see who is there.  It feels so good to help, even in a small way.

Call this one a “rant” if you will. Sometimes Life deserves it.